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(a Mayberrie poem)


At noon she heard

the swarm of bees

and knew they’d lead her

to the woman in the woods

who kept their hive.

Maybe she could trade

her pouch of agates  

for a little jar of honey.


Starting down the common trail

she heard the heavy clops

of many horses.

King’s men!  She stepped aside,

prepared to curtsey,

then she saw his face

and so much tender in his eyes

she swooned, her heart a-thunder.


Waking in a sunlit patch

of summer grass

she sat up, drowsily.

Where were the bees?

What daylight faint was this?

Her agates too were gone.


And then she remembered –

the horses, and his countenance!

She felt a shine

on her left hand

and there around her finger

was a smoldering ring

with royal seal,

and nestled at her side

was a little jar of honey.


©  2012  Betty Hayes Albright


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