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(from 1991)


Where white is black

and dark is light

it’s hard to remember

that day is night,

and skies are orange

and trees grow red

and mirrors reflect

the words unsaid.

Where apples are pickles

and lemons taste sweet

we wear shoes on our hands

and play bridge with our feet,

and left becomes right

and the right is all wrong

and giants fall down

and the weak become strong.

Where fantasy’s real

and living’s a dream

time travels backward,

things aren’t what they seem,

and when we dance frigid

in vacuous space

cold shoulders are really

a fiery embrace.


(c) 1991, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


(Written back when most of us had cameras that still used film – which had to be developed from negative into “positive”. Does anyone do that anymore? Nostalgia strikes again…..)


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Confused muse is poised

at the edge of the sea,

one foot in the water

she dances strangely.

One hand in the waves

and one in the dunes,

her head throwing darts

while her heart flies balloons

so she spins in the wind

till her words are a blur

and all she can write

is something obscure.


©   1994,  2012   Betty Hayes Albright 


(Source of the photo is unknown – something sent to me years ago….)

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