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(From 1976)


Awaken me,

I’m sleep walking.

In jigsaw dreams

I shadow-box

flailing fists

against the air

to shake away the trappings.

Pry open

these amnesia-clouded eyes

that they may see

beyond this tangled trail of woe –

I long to hear

the Phoenix sing.

Come knead my heart

with cosmic yeast

until my spirit rises up

to navigate the river

that will take me

to the sea.

Please awaken me.



(c) 1976, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


Originally published in “Living Color”, (my humble chapbook) in 1976.


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.    .    .    (old one from 1976)


I thought it safe inside my cage,

but could I learn to fly?

Such warmth between those steel walls,

but would my spirit die?


So when I found the gate was raised

a trifle bit too high

I closed my eyes and held my breath

and jumped into the sky.


In fear I fell, a feathered stone,

my throat choked out a cry,

Is this the end? Was I a fool

to kiss my cage goodbye?


All I did was flounder more

as night was drawing nigh.

It seemed the worst was happening

and none could tell me why.


Then something warm stirred at my sides,

my wings were going to try!

The dawn broke only just in time

to blow my feathers dry.


At last I could fly sure and straight

with clarity of eye.

Free and strong, I knew now

that my cage had been a lie.


©  1976, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

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He wakens her

with cinnamon,

stirs the waters

with his fire

and that which had gone still

is moved

and that which had gone silent


and what had been uncertain

rises steaming from her heart.



(c) 1995, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright

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