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You buy the heavy groceries –

wine, the mayo,

the bag of sugar

while I buy lighter foods –

bread, lettuce,

the salmon fillets.


maybe we can make

a balanced meal.


(c) 1984 Betty Hayes Albright

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We are tuna fish

breathing the sea,

oblivious to mayo and toast.


We are cocoa

in the hot southern bean,

our proof is not yet in the pudding.


We are tomato

bulging acid in red sun,

unsuspecting the BLT.


We are lettuce leaf


ignorant of a thousand islands.


We are potato,

white jewel buried in soil

unconscious of sour cream and chives.


We are yeast,

multiplying dark spaces

waiting to be kneaded.


(c) 1996, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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