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She dares to rise

through molten rock

cutting loose

from the unforgiving core

of gravity

free of the burning bush

and the howl of the tempest.


Into the open sky she flies

past moon and sun,

the spin of stars

beyond the fabled edges

of the cosmos


until no longer up or down

nor right or left

she spirals forth

into the numinous arms

of the Beloved.



© 2020, 1976  Betty Hayes Albright 


(A revised version of an old poem from 1976.)

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You are the beloved.

Light pumps through your veins,

breathes around your bones

in great gulps

of daring.


You are the sacred numen,

the burning bush,

the insatiable flame

forever consummated,

but never consumed.



(c) 2012, 2019  Betty Hayes Albright


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In dreams you know

the who of me.

You press me to your chest

like a missing rib, bare

and white.

You breathe into my lungs;

your blood is fire

in my veins.

The visions in my heart

are your visions.

The toil of your brow

fills my cup.

We melt secrets

between our limbs.

In dreams you know

the why of me

and I know the everywhere

of you.


(c)  1995, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright

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(an old one from the ’70’s)


Fly,  homing pigeon –

high above effects,

blood-stained battlegrounds,

crackling casinos,

robbers of graves,

the sweating of small stuff.

Ready, aim, soar

above the tallest tree

to the mountain top.

Fly home, Beloved –

your wings were made for this.


(c) 1978, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

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