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Dec 27 2008 001




Warm wishes to everyone

for the happiest of holidays

during this season of loving and giving!

May you all find the best of health, peace, and abundance

in the New Year.


Merry Christmas!


Love, Betty




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Seaweed breezes

lose themselves

in her long hair.

She dances over sharp rocks

to the beach,

twirls and spins

in pirouettes,

her long skirt swirling circles

in the sand.


© 1995, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright 

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(sorry, just one more old Winter Solstice poem, this one from 1992….)


O magic tilt of earth

we sing and dance

in this new wash

of sun.


Icy prisms

play the lights!


Our eyes gather

reds and greens,

we weave them into

holy wreaths

as one white candle


the untouched snow.


(c) 1992  Betty Hayes Albright

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