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In light of all the huge wildfires that have broken out on the west coast of the USA and in other parts of the country and the planet, I wanted to make a clarification on the poem, “And so it just kept burning”:

As most of you already know, the fire in my poem represents global climate change, which naturally contributes to the severe weather we’ve been experiencing the last few years (including the drought fueled wildfires). May we finally listen to the scientists who gave warning decades ago, and do what we can to save our earth – before it’s too late.

My deepest respect to the thousands of fire fighters who are risking their lives every day in fighting the actual fires. My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives and those who have lost property here in Washington State and elsewhere. 



August 24, 2015


(P.S. Hoping to be back soon with new poetry. Also looking forward to catching up with everyone.)


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