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Sehome Hill

was the place to go

after dark

college kids

parked for hours in old sedans

making memories.


Met a guy

took me to “The Web”

beatniks read


argued relativity

high on espresso.


Sparkling views

close to waterfalls

Mount Baker

Puget Sound

winding drives on Chuckanut

easy on the curves.



©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(Memories from freshman year in college, ’65-’66)


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It was one blue-sky summer

of beach love and freedom

and baby-oil tans,

but most of all, hunger

for the daring wild truth.

We danced apart

from cold philosophers

returning to their graves

and the icy leanings

of faithless professors.

It was that long emblazing summer

when heat ignited bodies,

when sun kindled our souls

and Nietzsche’s God

came back

from the dead.



© 2013  Betty Hayes Albright 


(remembering the summer of ’67)

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