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(a Mayberrie poem)


The countryside was still –

even birds

were waiting for a sign.

No one knew what happened

behind the castle walls

but rumors spread

there’d been a coronation.

Was he now her king,

or by his cousin slain?

She dares not think.


Royalty could never wed

a servant girl

but with the kingdom

now secure

in kindly reign

he knew the people would demand

that he take a bride.

But this he cannot do

for it would be a bigamy.

He dares not think.


On sunny days

she likes to haunt

the distant hills

with deer and wild hare

for company.

She brings them carrots

from her garden,

sometimes greens and herbs,

and whispers to them

not to wander

closer to the village:

they will a farmer’s arrow meet.

She dares not think.


© 2012  Betty Hayes Albright


See Part III, 5th verse:

“… just one name

between them now

and only the forest to know.”


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