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She pretends the sun will stay

and those foreboding shadows

will not grow.

The geese in V-formation

that she saw this afternoon

weren’t really flying south.

Wildflowers still dance

between the rocks

and butterflies still light

upon the phlox

as honeybees

still swarm the mint

and bumbles take the clover.

She hums a rosy little tune

and fills her watering can.


 © 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


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No one went to stop the fire

all were singing in the choir

praying for the end of drought

no one put the fire out.


 (c) 2015 Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from Wikipedia)

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Geologists warn,
officials ignore,
give out permits anyway.

Don’t worry,
build your homes out there,
the mountain side
could never slide
that far.

But it did.

And now the fingers
start to point
as they always do.
And to the victims
all the points are moot.

© 2014 Betty Hayes Albright


Thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families

after the huge, deadly landslide north of us

in Oso, Washington.

As of 4-25-2014: 41 dead, 2 still missing.


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