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Without enough rain

even so-called weeds succumb –

no prejudice there.


(c)  2015  Betty Hayes Albright


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I want to hear the rain

dancing hearty on the roof,

a tappety-tum of eager drops

to quench the thirst

of those who wait

for something more

than these anemic showers

that dry before

they hit the ground.


I want to hear

a thunder rain

sent from the gods

pounding out a crazy


in the night,

a joyful, lusty roaring rain

so loud

it wakes me up.


© 2016 Betty Hayes Albright 

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No one went to stop the fire

all were singing in the choir

praying for the end of drought

no one put the fire out.


 (c) 2015 Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from Wikipedia)

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