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A Mayberrie poem – the conclusion (but never really the end)….

Thank you to everyone who’s had the patience to plow through this long series.


Skipping Stones

….continued from previous post, “Through the Door”.


Alas, it was all over.

The end had come –

or had it now?

When the world stopped spinning

she took a breath

and looked around.

What strange place was this?

Un-candled lights on the walls,

softly covered floors,

and what odd costume

’round her body?


And there, a man –

also dressed in foreign clothes

was watching her intently.

He was not unlike her king

with penetrating eyes

that knew her better

than she knew herself.


He reached out lightly,

touched her face,

explored her cheekbones,

chin and brow.

Drawn to him

(she could not stop herself)

she threw her arms around him

wanting nothing more

than to be with him forever.


But this moment is just fleeting,

he whispered in her ear,

for we are two stones skipping

on the waves across the sea.

At the end

we’ll reach the shore together

for this love will always be.


And so it is,

that in another time and place

neither king nor queen are they,

but carefree lovers

dancing underneath the trees

in the boundless fields

of a reborn Mayberrie.

And somewhere in the meadow

the old lady of the woods

hums an ancient melody

and smiles.


(c) 2013  Betty Hayes Albright


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