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Without all their leaves

did the trees lose their beauty

or was it revealed?


(c) 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from morguefile.com)


Hoping to catch up with everyone soon!

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Cascading Stream under Sunlight in Forest


Listen carefully

even to the babbling –

wisdom might emerge.


(c)  2014  Betty Hayes Albright


“Cascading Stream Under Sunlight in Forest”

Image from a copyright free site,

uploaded years ago – photographer unknown, unfortunately.)

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And the Great Divine said,

Let there be a prism

that I may spread my light

of seven colors

into the nothingness

octave after octave,

realm upon realm,

being unto being.

Then give to them

free will

that each may choose

to search the path

for the prism within –

the sacred gateway

that bends them back

into their source,

the pure white light of Home.


© 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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(several nights ago I had this dream…)


She heard his voice

calling her name

again and again

till she opened the shutters

and looked all around.

From afar he shouted,

You must climb the hill

and come through my door.


Oh no – not now!

she called back to him,

I’ve no comb in my hair,

no blush on my cheeks,

no proper dress.


Just come to me,

he called again,

I have no care for appearances.

Just climb the hill

and come to me.


In protest she went to him,

climbed the hill

and came through his door

but bowed her head

that he’d not see

she had no comb

to hold her hair,

no blush on her cheeks

nor proper dress.


He stood beside a wooden table

where a single candle burned

and in his hand was a golden coin

which he spun on edge

faster and faster

till it was a blur.


What do you see?

he asked her then.

She gazed into the spinning coin,

I only see the inner core –

I only see its essence.


She raised her face

and no longer cared

that she had no comb

to hold her hair,

no blush on her cheeks

nor proper dress.


He reached out his arms

and pulled her close

and in their embrace she was home.


What always was

need never begin,

only love is real

the rest is just spin.


© 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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View from apartment window


Spirits of the trees

follow me everywhere

peek through my window.


Gentle flames of love

follow you everywhere

shine through your window.


(c) 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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She feels the golden stand

between her palms,

follows every curve

with fingers

searching for the essence

of a splintered block of tree

as he spun and shaped it

on his lathe,

then polished gently

with his sacred oil.


Now she lights the candle

and watches

as the blush of flame

smooths up the walls

inside her heart

and out into the night.

She muses on a memory

and wonders

if he’ll ever know

how his soul-fire

lit her world

and turned the sky

a warmer shade of light.


© 2013, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


Candle holder in photo created by the DutchMan.

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Deep in the folds

of the flannel of night

we hear the drums call

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

Our eyes open wide

as we chew through the shackles

and dance the light free,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

Up the spiral we climb,

our candles held high

to shatter the gloom,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

At the top we leap clear

of gravity’s hold

on the edge of our words,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

We land on the sun

where we tear off the masks

and meet our true selves –

    Ba  Ba  Bum,  Ba Ba Boom !


© 1993, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright

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