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Time is no straight line,

it is a serpent

crossing the room sideways

like a glance.

It burns rubber


around every corner

tossing irony,

like bits of confetti

into our pockets.

Time dances a circle

around the fire of desire

then churns out to sea

on a wave of kelp,

unraveling one dream

weaving another.

It flip flops

in crazy eights,

bounces like a rubber ball

on a hot sidewalk

reflecting all angles

oblique and acute

but always right.

At its best

time is a spiral

lifting our vision

until the end

when it shrinks into a dot

in the palm of our hand,

and with one breath

blows us away

into the heart of forever.


© 2014, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright


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What is it about

the wailing

train at night?


I would hop

a car with just enough

hay to make a pillow


lie there swaying

full moon strobing

through the open doors


can’t tell if it churns

north or south

I’m just passing through.



©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright


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(from 1981 – I think this was originally written as a children’s poem – but the meaning for me has changed through the years.)


I’ll see you

in each color

of the rainbow

or inside a bubble


on the sea;

I’ll find you

on the wing

of a hummingbird

or at the bottom

of a spot

of tea.

I’ll meet you

in the middle

of an Oreo


on the edges

of a rhyme;

I’ll love you

at the tip

of the hour hand


on the backside

of time.


© 1981, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

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