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Like silent statues

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in the wind

we’re trees

in freezing rain.

Our branches wrap

in rigid ice,

we comb our thoughts

with icicles

and cease to move

except to break.

But then it comes,

the thrust of sun

to melt our casings

into tears

freeing us to hunger,

and to thirst, and

to pine –

but joyfully.


©  2004,  2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

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(A children’s poem, written in high school, 1965)


Shoes won’t let the sunshine in

and so I take them off and laugh,

I fling them on the nearest rock

and run pell-mell across the grass.


Shoes disguise the ground, you see,

each step feels just the same

on dirt, the sandy beach, the rocks

and even walking in the rain.


It doesn’t bother me at all

if thistles stick or stingers sting,

I’d rather be barefoot with ouch!

than never to feel anything.


(c) 1965, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(c) 1973  Published by Graded Press in “Three/Four” Magazine (for children)


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