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(revised, and title changed from “Still” to “Heed”)


“Where has gone the light?”

Gaia's Kiss

Gaia’s Kiss by charissa1066 via Flickr

they implored the emptiness.


“It’s not the candle,

but the flame

that matters,”

came the swift reply

in answer to their woe.


“Change must be the vessel

that carries Gaia

through the storm.

It was your dragging apathy

that drove her off

into the mist

where only those

with unveiled eyes

can still make out her form –

where only those

with opened ears

can still discern her voice.


“I am still here,

that humankind 

will learn to breathe

new life into the dust,

that earth shall rise

in startling vitality.

I am still here, beloved ones!

I am here, still

but now it’s up to you.”


© 2000, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright


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