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Your muse didn’t run away,

she came to visit mine today.


I watched them climb the cedar tree

to drink their mountain berry tea,


and as the sky turned into rain

I watched them climb back down again.


They danced until their feet were dry –

and then I heard them call goodbye,


and now my muse has gone away –

it seems she fled with yours today.


When they arrive, please send her home

to change this verse into a poem.



(c) 1994, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


From 1994; dedicated to anyone else who has ever suffered from writer’s block! 


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You find out

why it’s called “hardwood”

the instant it rises up

to slam you

on the cheekbone

after your doctor

takes away the medicine

that has served you well

for twenty years

but is now declared “dangerous”

for those of a certain age.

He substitutes it

with a “safe” medicine

that causes you to faint

as you’re walking

across the room

but the government knows best,

never mind the insult

and the bruising

and the pain.

Safety first!


©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright 


(It could’ve been worse – no broken bones.)

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I wonder, elfin tree,

does your sap long to rise?

Do your cells expand

although your limbs

are harshly thwarted

every time they try to spread?

When your roots

run into walls

do they cry

at their containment?

Does it jar you

every time

you feel the cut?

And if someday I plant you

in the garden, in the sun

will you remember

to remember

how to grow?


(c) 2002, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright

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