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What is it about

the wailing

train at night?


I would hop

a car with just enough

hay to make a pillow


lie there swaying

full moon strobing

through the open doors


can’t tell if it churns

north or south

I’m just passing through.



©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright



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Moon blazes a trail

through the cottage cheesy clouds

waxes victory.


(c) 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


(photo taken last night – 9-8-2014.)


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Full moon lights pillows,

from the woods an old owl hoots:

whooo lights up your dreams?


(c) 2014 Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from 12/2011)

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(A Mayberrie series poem)


She pretends

that he can hear her thoughts,

but lord, the fog is rolling in –

it rides the tide into the caverns

smoothing out the lover’s hollow

in between the driftwood and debris.

One time she found a double shell

and gave him half to hold his heart

while hers stayed in a candle box

until the day it shattered

from the impact of his silence.

But still she holds the pieces near

and when the moon is full, pretends

that he can hear her thoughts,

but knows most likely

they’ve been lost

or muzzled by the sea.


(c)  2012  Betty Hayes Albright


(For the next poem in this series, please click here .

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the pine tree

one branch

at a time,


on ripples

that mirror

in the pond,


the long way

to rise.


(c) 1994, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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Moon, like a giant lily

floats in bloom

on the surface of night.

It is then we remember

that without Sun

we’d never know Luna

except for the tides

rising in our breasts.


(c) 1997, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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