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When the veil lifts

we see the bones

of the universe

and it doesn’t matter

the color of an eye,

an unread poem,

a broken thread,

the forgotten name.


And everything matters –

the curve of a smile,

a loaf of bread shared,

the feather of a crow,

each dandelion spared.

What matters is the fingerprint

we leave on the flame

before we’re dowsed with slumber

and it all begins again.


(c) 2004, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


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O goddess of love

I pray you be

the rise of dawn

that lifts me tall

into a selfless plane

beyond the hunger

in my veins

for tender pulse,

for selfish bleed.

I ask you, meet

this longing high

that love be like

a willing star

that has no other need

except to shine.


(c) 1995 Betty Hayes Albright

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