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He could climb

a rock-cold mountain,

guard lost lambs

on faceless cliffs

and she would circle round

to warm his earth.


And he could carve his image

into a totem pole

of selves

on top of selves

and she would kiss the tower

of rising heads.


And he could blow new colors

from his hemlock pipe

and she would paint them

on her cheeks

while he peeled back

the many masks

of God.


(c) 1995, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright


(a re-post – formerly “Biding”)



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He cuts away gold-threaded robes,

rips the collar from his voice,

kicks away the leaded boots

and finds that he can dance

beyond the trappings

of the mortar

and the folly of prestige.


And as he breaks the bindings

that had camouflaged his heart

he finally sees

the great divine

shining from the mirror

and meets himself.


(c) 1996, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


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Moon, like a giant lily

floats in bloom

on the surface of night.

It is then we remember

that without Sun

we’d never know Luna

except for the tides

rising in our breasts.


(c) 1997, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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(c) 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

(c) 2012 B. Albright


How can you lecture,

how dare you preach

when you do not know

your Self?

Come back to me

when you have more wisdom

up your satin sleeve

and we will break bread

and have tea.


(c) 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


Photo is of a Moon Flower about to burst into bloom.



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(Old one from high school, 1965)


Eternity came to mock Time

one day

with her ageless face

and the sun in her eyes.

She laughed at the way

I danced to the ticking

of a mere clock

and she said in a voice

that rang out like moon-chimes:


Come let me show you

the land of Right Now,

a place that is free

from the chains of your time.

It’s a world where light

shines out of Truth’s eye

and the smile on my face

will fill you with peace.


I started to follow

but just then a whistle

made me turn back –

it was noon in the valley

and I would be late!

Turning to look

at her beauty once more

I found she had vanished

into Everywhere.


(c) 1965, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright

Pencil drawing (c) 1995, 2014

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When the sun

and all three moons

sink into the purple sea

it is the rarest dark of nights

and time to climb the knoll

up to her telescope.

She aims it

through the far-flung stars

always drawn to one

on the edges of the galaxy –

a tiny, twinkling sun

much like her own.

Perhaps it also holds a brood

of planets in its warmth,

and maybe there

another set of eyes looks back

across the wild darkness.


Her mate always scoffs at this

as do the other watchers

of the sky.

They scold her,

“Are we not

the only children

of the Great Divine?”

But she knows

the gods are not that small

and shakes her head

at arrogance

while polishing her lens,

knowing someday she will spot

a kindred planet in the heavens

and she will call it “Earth”.



© 2014, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright

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And the Great Divine said,

Let there be a prism

that I may spread my light

of seven colors

into the nothingness

octave after octave,

realm upon realm,

being unto being.

Then give to them

free will

that each may choose

to search the path

for the prism within –

the sacred gateway

that bends them back

into their source,

the pure white light of Home.


© 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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It was one blue-sky summer

of beach love and freedom

and baby-oil tans,

but most of all, hunger

for the daring wild truth.

We danced apart

from cold philosophers

returning to their graves

and the icy leanings

of faithless professors.

It was that long emblazing summer

when heat ignited bodies,

when sun kindled our souls

and Nietzsche’s God

came back

from the dead.



© 2013  Betty Hayes Albright 


(remembering the summer of ’67)

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