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She likes feathers –

leaves of lace,

wings in willows

kissed with grace,


trails of moonlight,

velvet strings,

dew-lit grass

and faerie rings.


She likes watercolors

in the trees

and lichen stirring

in the breeze


and mossy fractals

around lagoons

and gossamer tendrils

in founts and plumes.


She likes sea spray

on crystal clear

and Agape in

the atmosphere


and deep behind

a filigree shawl


on the wall.


She likes feathers,

leaves of grace,

time on the wing,

a kiss on the face


and ribbons dangling

from the mirror

and sweet suggestions

in her ear.



© 2021  Betty Hayes Albright


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In the middle

of the bridge, I’ll stop


and drop my secrets down

to the fast-flowing waters


where they’ll agitate confession

howling over the falls


to evaporate a rainbow

in that splash where every river


meets its absolution

in the sea.



(c) 2018  Betty Hayes Albright



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Each moment comes

a clean slate.

We write on it

with ink that burns us,

weep on it

with tears that boil,

toss it on a hickory stove

smearing ash

on pristine snow


but every second

rights itself

into a guiltless fire

that flares into

a longing grace

erasing clean

the errant flare

as we learn

to temper self

and kindle our own glow.



©  2012, 2018 Betty Hayes Albright


(a re-post, revised)

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Bare trees veiled in grace

raise cold branches in deep fog

certain of the sun.


(c)  2015  Betty Hayes Albright




(photos taken January 2015)

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Tiny white flowers

hanging from a spider plant

join the web of life.


(c) 2013  Betty Hayes Albright



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Grace – 2011 posting


She stifled her passion

with a bone cork

and Earth became

a rocking jug

with aching sides

and tears

that leaked through cracks


and there was naught

but a dry, brown light

across the sky.


And when the gods looked down

they cursed

and pulled out the plug

grinding it to dust

with their fists.


Earth trembled and roared

in a great awakening

of heat and light


and in her heart

there rose

an endless rainbow fount

of love undamned.


(c)  1995, 2019  Betty Hayes Albright


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