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(another re-post from 2 years ago)


She thought it was

the autumn sun

shining on the maple tree,

but no

it was suspended leaves

defying the grey

with red-gold embers

self-lit in the gloom.

It was the spark

within the dead,

the nuances of yesterday,

the fire of life

banked against all odds.


(c) 2010, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright

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Each moment

is a clean slate.

We write on it

with ink that burns us,

weep on it

with tears that boil,

toss it on a hickory stove

and melt its glow

like muddied snow.

But every second

rights itself

into a guiltless fire.

Each instant

is a longing grace

that scalds us clean

with each new conflagration

and lo!

we learn to temper self

and kindle our own flame.


©  2012  Betty Hayes Albright  

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