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Each moment comes

a clean slate.

We write on it

with ink that burns us,

weep on it

with tears that boil,

toss it on a hickory stove

smearing ash

on pristine snow


but every second

rights itself

into a guiltless fire

that flares into

a longing grace

erasing clean

the errant flare

as we learn

to temper self

and kindle our own glow.



©  2012, 2018 Betty Hayes Albright


(a re-post, revised)

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If she held a beacon

tightly to her breast

it would not shadow her,

nor would her hands be stained

were she to touch

the Holy Grail.

Her veins would never tangle

should she frolic

with the gods

nor would she burn to ashes

running naked

through the fire.

She’d not be struck with blindness

nor would her conscience bleed

were she to waken Eros

from a dream.


© 1995, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright


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(I’m in the slow process of linking them all together.)

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