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He cuts away gold-threaded robes,

rips the collar from his voice,

kicks away the leaded boots

and finds that he can dance

beyond the trappings

of the mortar

and the folly of prestige.


And as he breaks the bindings

that had camouflaged his heart

he finally sees

the great divine

shining from the mirror

and meets himself.


(c) 1996, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright



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How hard it is to see

the highest mountain for the trees

until we hear the ancient knock

of thunder sky and molten rock.

We tear away the mossy veil

that had long concealed the trail

just to find the climb is steepest

where the waterfall is deepest

and it seems we’re almost there

when we breathe the rarest air

beyond the earth, into the sun

where we learn we’ve just begun.


(c) 1994, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


(another oldie)


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I ask, why now

this smooth adrenalin fit,

these dreams

of hearts and tongues

that seal our magnet words?

Why now this low flutter?

Oh tender muse,

I pray you find me too

in this sweet swoon.


(c) 1994, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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