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You find out

why it’s called “hardwood”

the instant it rises up

to slam you

on the cheekbone

after your doctor

takes away the medicine

that has served you well

for twenty years

but is now declared “dangerous”

for those of a certain age.

He substitutes it

with a “safe” medicine

that causes you to faint

as you’re walking

across the room

but the government knows best,

never mind the insult

and the bruising

and the pain.

Safety first!


©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright 


(It could’ve been worse – no broken bones.)


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(a re-post)


I’m a stranger to this land.

Pray, what are these graceful creatures

with plush yellow blossoms

waving lightly

in the early afternoon?

Such a lovely garden you have!

But why are you cutting them down?


They’re dandelions!

you say with disgust.



I bid you farewell

and stroll away

tripping on an old tin can

in the street.


(c) 1991, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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(Old one from high school, 1965)


Eternity came to mock Time

one day

with her ageless face

and the sun in her eyes.

She laughed at the way

I danced to the ticking

of a mere clock

and she said in a voice

that rang out like moon-chimes:


Come let me show you

the land of Right Now,

a place that is free

from the chains of your time.

It’s a world where light

shines out of Truth’s eye

and the smile on my face

will fill you with peace.


I started to follow

but just then a whistle

made me turn back –

it was noon in the valley

and I would be late!

Turning to look

at her beauty once more

I found she had vanished

into Everywhere.


(c) 1965, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright

Pencil drawing (c) 1995, 2014

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