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.         (from 1966 – age 19)


At first I lived in black and white,

the nights were dark, the days were light

and in between there was a grey

that hardly changed from day to day.


Laughter sprang from shallow seas,

leafing elms 3-8-2012

my tears were trivialities.

I walked on by and couldn’t bear

the colors burning everywhere.


But then one spring the blue-bells tolled

of leaves in green and suns in gold,

of hearts that pulsate ripe and red,

love burst in rainbows ‘bout my head!


(c) 1966,   2012  Betty Hayes Albright


(It’s not quite spring yet, but it’s coming! 🙂 )

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.       (from 1970)


Someday I’m going to climb a tree

to reach its very highest limb

and there I’ll sit and listen to

the merry music of the wind.

Spying on the world below

from my secret hiding place

I’ll chuckle softly to myself

each time a bird flies past my face.

I’ll hug a branch and sing out loud:

way up here my eyes can fly!

Then climbing down most carefully

I’ll whisper, see you later, sky.


(c)  1970,  2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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Like silent statues

English: A tree branch completely en-globed in...

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in the wind

we’re trees

in freezing rain.

Our branches wrap

in rigid ice,

we comb our thoughts

with icicles

and cease to move

except to break.

But then it comes,

the thrust of sun

to melt our casings

into tears

freeing us to hunger,

and to thirst, and

to pine –

but joyfully.


©  2004,  2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

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Dove – 2011 posting


I’d fly on white wings,2doves

one of joy

one of sorrow


on crosswinds


and below

to mate

in mid-flight

with a prayer.


(c) 1990, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright

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With Child

          (to both my sons)


It turned out

not to be the flu

but instead, new knowledge

soaked in seasoned hormone.

The days grew round  –

I’d done something right!

And the old lady winked

as feet and elbows

drew taut arcs

pushing at their cage of ribs,

poking out my navel,

aching my back.

And still we toasted

to your soul

with gratitude and joy

as you were born

into the bloodprint of time.


(c) 1993  Betty Hayes Albright

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came mocking Time, one day

with her ageless face

and the sun in her eyes.

She laughed at the way

I danced to the ticking

of a mere clock,

and she said in a voice

that rang out like moon-chimes:


Come let me show you

the land of Right Now,

a place that is free

from the chains of your time.

It’s a world where light

shines out of Truth’s eye

and the smile on my face

will fill you with peace.


I started to follow

but just then a whistle

made me turn back –

it was noon in the valley

and I would be late!

Turning to look

at her beauty once more

I found she had vanished

into Everywhere.


(c) 1965 , 2014 Betty Hayes Albright

(Prose version written in 1965… revised into poem 1969)

Original pencil drawing (c) 1995, 2014

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