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(a Mayberrie poem)


It confounds the senses,

Tempest ( )

that roar between starvation

and delight.

She thinks the wind

is gnawing down her door

and hopes the rusty hinges hold.

But wait,

was that a knocking?

She holds her breath

and wonders –

could it be the war is done?

Or was it just a vagabond –

a  famished waif in need of bread?

She wraps a biscuit in her apron,

throws it through a crack

high in the wall

then steals into the cellar

where she beds

among the jars of broken harvest

waiting for this hungry storm

to pass.


©  2012   Betty Hayes Albright 


.(image via Wikipedia)


For the next poem in this series, please click on the Mayberrie tab at top of this page for the entire list. I’m working (slowly) on linking all the poems for a smoother “flow”.

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