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Eternity came calling

on me one day

with her childlike face

and her kind, ancient eyes.

She laughed at the way

I danced to the ticking

of a mere clock

and said in a voice

that tinkled like moon chimes,


“Come let me show you

the land of Right Now,

a place that’s free

from the chains of your time.

It’s a world where the sun

shines from truth’s eye

and the smile on my face

will fill you with peace.”


I followed a minute

but then a loud whistle

stopped me in my tracks.

Tomorrow perhaps —

it was noon in the valley

and I would be late.


I headed downhill

but turned to look back

at her beauty once more

and found she had vanished

into Everywhere.



(c) 2020, 1969, 1965  Betty Hayes Albright


Written in high school, 1965. Published in chapbook “Living Color”, 1976; previously posted here in 2014.

This is a newly revised version. I guess it’s about time! 😄


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(Maeberie series)


Usually in the hills

she found her peace

but now the crows

were clamoring

above her head,

Let go!  they squawked,

Move on, move on!


She raised her hand

for them to stop

and sat beneath

an old elm tree

where she fell into a reverie

of magic meadow,

sapphire sky

beyond corporeality

and there

she found him waiting.


He laid his sword

upon the ground,

the battle won,

no more to hide.

Their hearts filled

with silver light

entwined in fascination.


When she awoke

the day had circled

into night.

The crows had flown

and all was quiet

on the path

that took her home

while high above, unnoticed

twirled a dancing double star.



© 2012, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright

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