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(a re-post)


The right words  

carve through opinions

break up hard-pan

flip our paradigms

upside down.

The right words

un-dam reservoirs of insanity

transport memory

to new peaks

uncovering fool’s gold

and sometimes

a diamond in distress.


(c) 2011, 2014 Betty Hayes Albright

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(just a scribble….)


Like a contrail from a jet

the past changes shape

shifting in the winds

of time and distance.

It expands and softens,

sometimes twisting

into grotesque serpents.

So, which is more real to us,

the sharp spear of the present

or the undulating spread

of memory?

Or can we ride them both?


© 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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Just a rough draft…


When the man drove away

with my potted elms

resting carefully

in the back

of his red pick-up truck

I wept.

But they’ll be unbound now,

free of all containment.

Birds will come

to nest in their branches,

deer will rest in their shade

as roots and limbs

spread deep and high

in fertile earth

and in my memory.


(C) 2013 Betty Hayes Albright


Finally moved and back online, after two exhausting months. Hoping to get back to WP soon and get caught up!

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She feels the golden stand

between her palms,

follows every curve

with fingers

searching for the essence

of a splintered block of tree

as he spun and shaped it

on his lathe,

then polished gently

with his sacred oil.


Now she lights the candle

and watches

as the blush of flame

smooths up the walls

inside her heart

and out into the night.

She muses on a memory

and wonders

if he’ll ever know

how his soul-fire

lit her world

and turned the sky

a warmer shade of light.


© 2013, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


Candle holder in photo created by the DutchMan.

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Are they really lifeless

those empty arms

of winter

branching leafless

in naked grace?

Gaia says no,

that deep in frozen dreams

a memory thickens,

sweet syrup

of olden times gone

and dreams to come.

Till then these aching limbs

reach out to the silence,


but not barren.


© 2013, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright 


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