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Now we understand —

time is not a fleeting thing,

it is we who fleet.


Now we understand –

time does not have any wings,

it is we who fly.


Now we understand –

there is only one present

for us to unwrap.



© 2020  Betty Hayes Albright


Sorry I’m way behind reading blogs again. Am missing you all, and will hopefully start catching up soon, little by little. Please forgive me if I don’t comment much.  (Fibromyalgia and chronic back pain are the usual culprits, and I know many of you can relate to these “invisible” health problems.) 

Loving thoughts to everyone. ❤❤


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Washing dishes,

longing out the window

at trees

when suddenly the ends

of the universe touch

like the tips of white wings

and I’m there at that center

where nothing exists

but a soapy plate

and the clear hot water

rinsing it clean.  


©  2012, 2015  Betty Hayes Albright 


(re-posted from 2012)

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(C) 2012 B. Albright


Now is all we have.

Save it in a photograph

or engage the gods?


(c) 2015  Betty Hayes Albright


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(just a scribble….)


Like a contrail from a jet

the past changes shape

shifting in the winds

of time and distance.

It expands and softens,

sometimes twisting

into grotesque serpents.

So, which is more real to us,

the sharp spear of the present

or the undulating spread

of memory?

Or can we ride them both?


© 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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Each moment

is a clean slate.

We write on it

with ink that burns us,

weep on it

with tears that boil,

toss it on a hickory stove

and melt its glow

like muddied snow.

But every second

rights itself

into a guiltless fire.

Each instant

is a longing grace

that scalds us clean

with each new conflagration

and lo!

we learn to temper self

and kindle our own flame.


©  2012  Betty Hayes Albright  

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