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We found a little box

with a speckled bird inside

and fed it bits of food

and water from a dropper,

until the day he asked

for a bigger place.


And so we placed him lovingly

inside a gilded cage

with trays of seeds

and a wooden perch

where he could hop about.


“This is fine for now,” he said,

“but tomorrow

I want something bigger.”


We quickly built an aviary

with maple trees

and blueberry shrubs

where he could flutter

through the leaves.


“This is nice for now,” he said.

But after several days he asked

to wing about the house,

and finally out the window.


We watched him fly

through forests and valleys,

and finally up into the sky

between the stars, and out

beyond the Milky Way.


A year went by

and one day he returned,

asking for his little box.

He snuggled down to rest, and said,

“This will do just fine –

for I can see forever

from here now.”



© 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


Poem is from a dream I had last April. 

The image is a partial of a print my late parents had – artist unknown. (Update – the artist is Jill Fogelsong.)  The sun just happened to be shining through the window in a certain way, giving it a rainbow effect — which caught my eye. I wasn’t planning to post an image with this poem, but it presented itself just in time. Funny how things work out….

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