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(From the “way back” machine – a poem from 1992,

written about an even earlier time: the late ’60’s.)



we danced to our favorite

solo of drums

till Keith turned on

Folsom Prison Blues

and we dosey-doed

in a square-dance spoof,

Tom’s arm


but feeling no pain,

for we couldn’t see

through the smoke in the room

and we would be young forever.


When the haze finally cleared

to reveal gray hairs

we still felt the beat


as butterflies,

and it’s not really bad

being older.  *


© 1992, 2107 Betty Hayes Albright


(“In-a-Godda-da-Vida” – by the Iron Butterfly: Ah, that amazing, long, super-cool drum solo in the middle! No doubt on YouTube.)


* (I’ve changed my mind about that….)

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