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Reading Old Poems

Daring, I dove

into reams of my past

getting caught between papers,

sweet metaphor-cast.

I kissed all the words

that had once felt so right,

then a sigh blew old heartbeats

back into the night.


(c) 1995, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

(At the time I’d been reading old poems from the 60’s and 70’s. Now THIS one’s an oldie…)

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(from 1975 – just beecause 🙂 )


Landing on a daisy

I grow drunk

from its nectar.

I toss and turn

in logic

till the petals

wilt and brown.

Then picking up

my fuzzy thoughts

I laugh

and fly away

to some other




©  1975, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright 

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Like Truth


Like truth

you do not sink

into perspective,

rather do you rise.


(c) 1995, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

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I’m a stranger to this land,

what are these graceful flowers

with plush yellow pods

waving lightly

in the early afternoon?

Such a lovely garden you have!

But why are you cutting them down?


They’re dandelions!

you say with disgust.



I bid you farewell

and trip on the trash

in the street.


(c) 1991, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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We hear only Cinderella’s side.

Perhaps she was

a prima donna,

spoiled and obnoxious

who didn’t deserve

an invitation

to the ball.

And maybe her step-sisters

were bashful and  misquoted.

Her step-mother,

ever-suffering and sensitive,

was at her wit’s end –

she only wanted a fair shake

for her girls.

Such tragic comedy

the glass slipper fit,

poor prince!


(c) 1988, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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