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When the veil lifts

we see the bones

of the universe

and it doesn’t matter

the color of the eye,

the unread poem,

the broken thread,

the forgotten name.


And everything matters –

the curve of a smile,

a loaf of bread  shared,

the feather of a crow,

every dandelion spared.

What matters is the fingerprint

we leave on the flame

before we’re dowsed with reason

and it all begins again.


(c) 2004, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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(another old one from the 70’s)


In white light

she turns to me,

waiting by the fountain.

Hello again, she smiles.

She beckons me

and I become


in her sacred peace.

She knows me well

for she is me,

in a distant time.

I long to reach

your thoughts, I sigh.

Not yet, she says,

you need more light.

I gather up

a few stray rays

before her warmth

begins to fade.


comes the whisper

from the Whole

that I shall be.


(c)  1976, 2011  Betty Hayes Albright


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