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storm photo from Jason

photo (c) Jason T. Judd


.Have you felt

the torrent coming

churning in your marrow

from the very nuclei

deep within your cells?

It bursts into a howling, spinning,

flooding storm of waves

crashing so hard

on the rocks

that sparks fly,

the wind flames

with tongues of heat

that reach the sun

hungry, licking, feeding,

until there’s nothing left

but a belly full of light.


© 2001, 2015 Betty Hayes Albright


Photo taken by my son, Jason Judd,

as he flew over New Mexico recently.


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Sometimes a mountain

shakes loose

its deeply rooted trees,

old riverbeds,

the tramping of calloused feet.

It spews out fire and ash,

declares itself free

of expectation.

There is blood-letting

as lava streams down

into the lakes

cooking fish and lilies,

boiling off complacency.

It is the wish

of Gaia.


Be careful

when you try

to move a mountain –

but never stop climbing.


© 2013 Betty Hayes Albright 

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