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Where’s your dance, old tree?

The wind plays –

let’s see you sway,

I long to hear

your rustling green.


Did Autumn tighten up

your knots

and sap your limbs

too soon?


It seems that Pan

has left you,

tail tucked between his legs

when he saw the horizon

turning black

instead of blue.


And now I too must hurry off

to find my cave and pray

that dawn

will wring out the mourning

and wash the ash away.



(c) 1980, 2019  Betty Hayes Albright


This is an old one, revised. It was originally written in 1980, two months before Mount St. Helens erupted a hundred miles away from us. (A dear friend of mine died in the eruption, along with her husband and two children.)  I always assumed the poem was a premonition of that tragic event, but it seems to also fit in with current events on this dear old planet of ours.  (The original version was posted here in 2014.)


P.S. Once again I’m behind reading blogs. Will hopefully catch up with you all soon!


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