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Without enough rain

even so-called weeds succumb –

no prejudice there.


(c)  2015  Betty Hayes Albright


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I want to hear the rain

dancing hearty on the roof,

a tappety-tum of eager drops

to quench the thirst

of those who wait

for something more

than these anemic showers

that dry before

they hit the ground.


I want to hear

a thunder rain

sent from the gods

pounding out a crazy


in the night,

a joyful, lusty roaring rain

so loud

it wakes me up.


© 2016 Betty Hayes Albright 

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Gray sky,

like Sunday’s paper


in starchy folds

across the morning,

driving rain

on unripe shadows

sprinkling clues

through birding trees.

And where the purple

crocus blooms

I find a stick

and draw wet hearts

in the earth.



(c) 1994, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


A re-post


(photo from Wikipedia)

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Bring me quick water

swifting down mountains

through the steep canyons

falling, falling

and I’ll fill my chalice.


Bring me slow water

teasing through sand

carving the dunes

and where the tide flows

I will follow.


Bring me rain water

storming through trees,

I’ll toss my umbrella

up to the wind

and we’ll watch it dance.


Bring me frozen water

sweet flakes

veiling my face

then marry me to the sky

and I’ll wear white.


Bring me deep water

in a well of sapphire glances

and I’ll toss in

a playful wish

to kiss your mystery.


© 2013, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright

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Fresh bundle of rain

sweeps in sideways on the wind

tied up in a bow.


(c) 2013 Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from 2012)

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(Just a silly little verse, written during one of our recent thunder storms.)


Said Lightning to the thunder,

I am in charge of you!

You haven’t any color

but I’m electric blue.


Said Thunder to the lightning,

I’m the one they hear.

You’re just a random fork of light

but I inspire fear.


Said Lightning to the thunder,

I turn night time into day,

I’ll crack my whip and sheet the sky

while you just roll away.


Said Thunder to the lightning,

‘t is I that moves the air.

You’re just a ziggy-zaggy flash

but I give earth a scare.


Said Lightning to the thunder,

watch me – I’ll make a flame

by striking every target,

but thunder has no aim.


Then from the ground rose Fire

writhing towards the sky,

I am master here now,

both of you can say goodbye.


But just in time came Rain, who cried:

this land is all my own.         

I’m putting out your careless fire

now go – leave Earth alone.


And still they argued back and forth

till Wind came out to play.

He laughed and roared with wild delight

and blew the storm away.


© 2013, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright

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From a thunder sky

swish of singing silver rains

chorus in the woods.


(c) 2013 Betty Hayes Albright

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Rain is wetter now

swelling appetites of trees

hungering for green.


(c) 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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It changes fast,

that marbled sky

from sheets of paste

to curds of gray,

from belts of blue

to heads of steel

connected by chain lightning.


Clouds turn to glass,

our shadows break

as we hasten through

the cracking storm

but we pause to lift

our empty cups

to catch the rain

and toast

the unleafing of fall.


© 1993, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright 

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Spider (Photo credit: sez9)


After wind and rain

Spider eats his wet, torn web

then just spins anew.


(c) 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

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