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This world has changed

since you and I

allowed the years

to wrinkle by


without a pause

we didn’t notice

the quiet closing

of the lotus.


Now we fail

to recognize

the crinkles ‘round

each other’s eyes


when one says no,

the other yes —

a corner turned

yet I confess


that deep inside

I’ll ne’er forget

your Romeo

to my Juliet.



©  2018  Betty Hayes Albright



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Deep in the folds

of the flannel of night

we hear the drums call

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

Our eyes open wide

as we chew through the shackles

and dance the light free,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

Up the spiral we climb,

our candles held high

to shatter the gloom,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

At the top we leap clear

of gravity’s hold

on the edge of our words,

     ba ba bum, ba ba boom

We land on the sun

where we tear off the masks

and meet our true selves –

    Ba  Ba  Bum,  Ba Ba Boom !


© 1993, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright

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