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(Just for fun 🙂 )


Said Lightning to the thunder:

I am in charge of you!

You haven’t any color

but I’m electric blue.


Said Thunder to the lightning:

I’m the one you hear.

You’re just a random fork of light

but I inspire fear.


Said Lightning to the thunder:

I turn night into day,

I’ll wave my whip and sheet the sky

while you just roll away.


Said Thunder to the lightning,

‘tis I that moves the air.

You’re just a ziggy-zaggy flash

but I give earth a scare.


Said Lightning to the thunder:

watch me, I’ll make a flame

by striking every target

while your rumble has no aim.


And from the ground rose Fire

writhing towards the sky:

I am master here now,

both of you can say goodbye.


Then just in time came Rain, who cried:

this land is all my own.         

I’m putting out your careless fire

now go – leave Earth alone.


And still they argued back and forth

till Wind came out to play.

He laughed and roared with wild delight

and blew the storm away.


© 2013, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(re-posted from 2013 – a children’s poem, for grown-ups too.)



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