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background balance beach boulder


When I cross

your path again

I’ll build a cairn

for you, my friend –


and all who pass

shall add a stone

and ne’er shall

we be alone.



© 2019  Betty Hayes Albright 


Photo by Pixabay


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He always came home

from school

with pockets full

of stuff he found

on the side of the road –

nails and screws,

shiny rocks


and one day

a bent bottle cap

roughly shaped like a heart

which he painted red

for me.


I find it still

in my jewelry box

place it in a bowl

next to the shiny rock

roughly shaped like a heart

which I spotted

just this morning

in the sun

on the side of the road.



©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(for my late son, Arlie) 


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Rocks balanced with care

always aiming for the sky

never mind the tide.


© 2017  Betty Hayes Albright 


(Came upon this unfinished cairn on the beach one day….)


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(I’m afraid this is what happens when you allow the muse to spin into a blur.)


Rivers run

they do not walk

they crest a dam

and do not talk

just smoothing rocks

and rocking banks

in curving stones

and filling lakes

with bubbled lights

and gillied fishes

feeding wells

and granting wishes

silver curved

pastoral scenes

in flows of bold

through forest greens

and wearing blue

borrowed from the sky

where falling water

dragons fly

in grassy hair

and clover pops

through sunny glare

and mossy tops

the river


its way.


© 2012 Betty Hayes Albright 

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.    .    .    .    (Puget Sound)


And it rolls out another for you –

one slow buckling wave

serves up cold soupy sea

bearing armor of chiton

and mussel shell blue,

with twists of driftwood

and layers of foam,

crab legs and agates

in dustings of gold.

Now toppling, it rattles

kaleidoscope rocks,

then undulates kelp

in sea-weeding sway

and as barnacles open

to taste the high tide

it rolls out another for you.


©  1993  Betty Hayes Albright

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