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When she called his name

to the north wind

it roared

through the trees

and made her winter green.


When she called his name

to the mountainside

it rose

up the ridge

like a fever.


When she called his name

to the racing sky

it echoed

like a dozen geese

searching for a season.


When she called his name

to the ocean

it churned

to salt butter

on her toast.


When she called his name

to a sliver of moon

it hung like a lamp

on the dark side

of doubt

and this time she knew

that he heard.


(c) 1995, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(a re-post from 2013)



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(An old one from 1976…)


I searched for truth

in stained-glass cubbyholes

but couldn’t find its face.

I sought it out

in books — alas,

the printed word

was blurred.

I went to class

and hoped to find it there,

but every esoteric lecture

left me still half bare.

I closed my eyes

and chanted “Om”

and reached out with my heart

but in return

I only heard a chuckle.

Now I step

into my soul

and boldly knock

on wisdom’s door.

The sky grows bright,

the air turns rare

and there’s God’s footprint

on the floor.

I follow.


©  1976, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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And so, did you save

the key, m’lord?

Did you secret it away

to some safe isle?

I see you still

leaning at the threshold,

your face to be read

and kissed a million times

like a beloved poem.


The chambermaid swears

the room never cooled.

She says the walls spark and flare

like the burning bush.

And at night

I fiddle with the lock, m’lord —

under what mat

did you stow the key?


(c)  1995, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


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