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      With apologies to Carl Sandburg*


Love wears no shoes.

It uncoils barefoot

in the sand

and wiggles

like a slinky

between bare souls

playing in the waves

as it arcs

from skin to skin

across the shore.



(c)  1995, 2018  Betty Hayes Albright


*Carl Sandburg wrote a poem with this same title, which has the following line:

“There is a pair of shoes love wears and the coming is a mystery.” 

(I beg to disagree. 🙂 )


(a re-post, revised)


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The sea folds back

upon itself

does not permit

the easy love

nor duplications

of a dream,

and she no longer rides

that broken wave –

it is behind her now.

But still she knows

the sacred vessel

of their love

will navigate

the undertow

and when the tide

wraps high again

she’ll be here

watching, waiting,

on the shore.


© 1996, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright 

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