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They say it’s coming

strong winds

unusual for June.

Large trees bursting

with foliage

are at risk.


They say his heart

was enlarged

(with generosity)

at risk

for a death

out of season.


Tomorrow when the storm hits

I will go outside

and stand among the trees.



© 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


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(from 1993)


When morning woke in silence

and you heard naught but a prayer,

when the earth was scented misty

came a tightness in the air.

And soon the winds were hammering

from sea and onto land

giving chase to charcoal rain

and knocking down what couldn’t stand

the battering and the beating

and the gusting of the gale

as steeples fell, and great old trees

splintered in its trail.

By evening the tempest waned…

the storm released the air…

and as darkness draped the silence

you could hear naught but a prayer.


(c) 1993, 2016 Betty Hayes Albright


(We’re in the midst of very stormy, roaring weather in the Pacific NW – hoping to get this posted before the power goes out.)

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storm photo from Jason

photo (c) Jason T. Judd


.Have you felt

the torrent coming

churning in your marrow

from the very nuclei

deep within your cells?

It bursts into a howling, spinning,

flooding storm of waves

crashing so hard

on the rocks

that sparks fly,

the wind flames

with tongues of heat

that reach the sun

hungry, licking, feeding,

until there’s nothing left

but a belly full of light.


© 2001, 2015 Betty Hayes Albright


Photo taken by my son, Jason Judd,

as he flew over New Mexico recently.

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Fierce clouds blow apart

setting sun calls it a day

storm fades into pink.


(c) 2014  Betty Hayes Albright


(photo 11-6-2014)

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Without Roots

(re-post from 2 years ago)


South winds

(c) B. Albright 2011

push the great fir

to mortal degree,

its many arms thrashing

in dark circles,

its body twisted in deep groan.

And I would be that bird

 perched white at the top –

 I’d play the storm

 swaying in brave arcs

 without roots.


(c) 1995, 2013  Betty Hayes Albright

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Fresh bundle of rain

sweeps in sideways on the wind

tied up in a bow.


(c) 2013 Betty Hayes Albright


(photo from 2012)

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(Just a silly little verse, written during one of our recent thunder storms.)


Said Lightning to the thunder,

I am in charge of you!

You haven’t any color

but I’m electric blue.


Said Thunder to the lightning,

I’m the one they hear.

You’re just a random fork of light

but I inspire fear.


Said Lightning to the thunder,

I turn night time into day,

I’ll crack my whip and sheet the sky

while you just roll away.


Said Thunder to the lightning,

‘t is I that moves the air.

You’re just a ziggy-zaggy flash

but I give earth a scare.


Said Lightning to the thunder,

watch me – I’ll make a flame

by striking every target,

but thunder has no aim.


Then from the ground rose Fire

writhing towards the sky,

I am master here now,

both of you can say goodbye.


But just in time came Rain, who cried:

this land is all my own.         

I’m putting out your careless fire

now go – leave Earth alone.


And still they argued back and forth

till Wind came out to play.

He laughed and roared with wild delight

and blew the storm away.


© 2013, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright

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