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It comes in darkness

like a gentle giant

no trumpets or glare

just strong arms

that lift you

above the sharp slopes

to the top

of the mountain

you’ve climbed for so long.


You throw off your pack

and the valley widens

into a smile

and the sun spreads

like butter

on loaves of eternity

and you finally see

that it’s you, love –

you are the giant.



© 2000, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright


(originally posted in 2012, now revised)


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(Originally from 1976 – revised)


We can’t be held down,

we’re a ball bouncing back,

an unsinkable raft,

a bowl that won’t crack.

We can never be slain,

our core’s made of steel,

wherever we’re punctured

we readily heal.

Trample on us

and we’ll spring back to life,

we cut to the truth

like an ever-sharp knife.

We’re a magical candle

that never stops burning,

a wise inner child

who never stops learning.

Knock on our window’s

unbreakable glass,

mow us down, we’ll grow back

like invincible grass.

Light as a bubble

we can’t be detained,

we’ll rise towards the light

and ever remain.


©  1976, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


(Someday wisdom, love and truth will prevail.  Never give up!)



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Oh Shaman man,

you knew every fold

hidden in the riddling

curtain of truth.

You saw the bare

bones of motive,

the underpinnings

of facade.

You were strength and power

but you also knew tenderness,

the sweet kiss

on the cheek of a lover

slumbering in your bed.

But alas, you also knew

when to go.


Oh Shaman man

do not doubt another season,

a time not jaded

by an overdose of obstacle.

For when we touch

again, we’ll have

a thousand years to spare.

© 2014, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright

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