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Freddy in 2009


There is no

such thing as

just a cat.


(c) 2012 Betty Hayes Albright


It was recently discovered that Freddy has a terminal illness and I wanted to put this up now, while he’s still with us.

Update: R.I.P Freddy, 6-29-2012. Miss him….

* Tricubica: A poetic form 😉 that requires 3 lines, each with 3 syllables – invented solely for the purpose of turning this bit of prose into a “poem”. 😉


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Is there an answer

to this question?

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We hear only Cinderella’s side.

Perhaps she was

a prima donna,

spoiled and obnoxious

who didn’t deserve

an invitation

to the ball.

And maybe her step-sisters

were bashful and  misquoted.

Her step-mother,

ever-suffering and sensitive,

was at her wit’s end –

she only wanted a fair shake

for her girls.

Such tragic comedy

the glass slipper fit,

poor prince!


(c) 1988, 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

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