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Sun gives it all up

for lavender and yellow;

tree launches the moon.


©  2017  Betty Hayes Albright 


(Photo taken by my son,  Jason Judd)


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Green limbs spread like wings

raising up the eyes of earth

till we learn to fly.


(c) 2016  Betty Hayes Albright



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Split wood glows at dusk

releasing its inner sun

giving to the end.


© 2014 Betty Hayes Albright


(Fuzzy photo taken Sept. 2014 – gotta get a new camera. Or a new photographer.)

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Light Streaming Through the Crown of a Tree


Melt into its bark –

each loved tree will fold you in,

lift you to the sky.


(c)  2013  Betty Hayes Albright


Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and for your kind comments.

I’ll continue to be scarce for a little while as we are selling our house, packing, cleaning, lamenting…. Hoping to take my elm trees with me.

Will still try to post and read blogs now and then – looking forward to the day when things get back to “normal”!

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Summer’s wind blows hard,

maple seedling, pink phlox lean

hold each other up

wrap around each other’s stem –

nature’s symbiotic hug.


(c) 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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Music rises from her garden,

goes off key

and disappears

into the sky.

Curious, she digs

with her bare hands

past dead roots

and rotting leaves

into birthing soil.

And there she feels a rhythm

pounding in the earth,

and the rise

of sacred humming

in her ears.

She drops a seed

into the hole

and out sprouts a melody

that grows into a tree.

Wind sings in its branches

and for the first time

in her life

she understands the words.


© 1996, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright

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Her roots are coiled

in rock-bound earth

but her dreams curl up

the mossy trunk

of an old elm tree.

Higher, yet higher

they weave through branches

seeking more sun

till finally one dawn

they burst from containment

calling the name

of a lover in flight

on the edges

of all that can be.


(c) 1996, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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