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It was a long, silent fall

into the days

where “Dad” was spoken

in past tense.

He was tall

like autumn shadows

and he made us laugh

like the dancing, crackled leaves

around our feet.

And he would fast remind us

that trees return

to green

in this orbit’s gentle whirling

when spring gives back again.



(C) 1997, 2017 Betty Hayes Albright



9.13.56 Abe Hayes


Dad and me 1955

1955 – Deception Pass, Whidbey Island, Washington State


(A tribute to my dad, who passed away twenty years ago this month.

My apologies to those who have read it previously.)


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Roy Schaefer was one of the best rhyming and meter poets I’ve ever known. He passed away 12 years ago – and today would’ve been his 82nd birthday. His book, Songs from my Poet Tree was self-published in 1994 and will hopefully be reprinted by his family some day.

This tribute was written shortly after his death.


Here’s to you, Roy – you are not forgotten!


He was the poet

who made it seem easy

to write clever rhyme

sometimes deep, sometimes breezy


with well-metered sentiments

and humor too

he immortalized everyone

he ever knew.


He wrote about butterflies,

poppies and love,

he wrote of the troll

and the skunk and the dove.


He wrote of the sea

and he wrote of the moon,

he wrote of the snail

and the deer and the loon.


He wrote of the past

and he wrote of a dream,

he showed us that some things

are not what they seem.


And so he will live

in the world’s memory

harvesting words

from his dear Poet Tree.


(c) 2000, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright


Update:  June 20th – I googled Roy’s name and found a link to one of his poems, for anyone who’s interested: http://a-poets-haven.faithweb.com/AsIWoodBe.htm

I would post some from his book, but would probably need permission from his family since they’re copyrighted.  

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