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(A Mayberrie poem)


At dusk

she lit a candle

as a heavy mist

rolled in

from off the sea.

The trees rained softly

just outside her door

and seemed to speak

into the gloom:

 What about the ring?

The ring –

this deep-carved ring

of honest gold

reflecting sparks of light

around the room –

she wished it too would speak.


Shadows grew,

she heard the trees

still whispering

and put the candle out.

Curled into bed

she closed her eyes

and felt the ring expand,

grow warm,

no longer on her finger

but encircling her body

like two strong arms

that held her

through the night.

It needed not a voice

nor words, to speak.


© 2012  Betty Hayes Albright


(For a list of all poems in this series, please click on the Mayberrie tab at the top of this blog.)


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Her roots are coiled

in rock-bound earth

but her dreams curl up

the mossy trunk

of an old elm tree.

Higher, yet higher

they weave through branches

seeking more sun

till finally one dawn

they burst from containment

calling the name

of a lover in flight

on the edges

of all that can be.


(c) 1996, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

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