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.    .    .    .    (Puget Sound)


And it rolls out another for you –

one slow buckling wave

serves up cold soupy sea

bearing armor of chiton

and mussel shell blue,

with twists of driftwood

and layers of foam,

crab legs and agates

in dustings of gold.

Now toppling, it rattles

kaleidoscope rocks,

then undulates kelp

in sea-weeding sway

and as barnacles open

to taste the high tide

it rolls out another for you.


©  1993  Betty Hayes Albright

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Riding Home

(from 1976)


Raw spirit lands.

I climb its back

and head into

the roaring wind,

and out to sea we fly!

Salt water sprays

upon my face –

I laugh and turn

my cheek for more.

We land atop

a white-capped wave

and though I know

that it will crash

upon the shore

some stormy day

it matters not –

I’ll still enjoy the ride.


(c) 1976, 2011 Betty Hayes Albright

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She clings to stone

like the chiton’s shell,

shielded when the tide comes in.

He questions her silence

but she’s beneath the cold waves,

their opposites fusing

into thick, hard plates.

He can pry her from the rock

and penetrate her shell

but his blade

no longer reaches

to her heart.


(c) 1983, 2016 Betty Hayes Albright


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And so I have gone down

to the salty, briny air

where the surf tumbles the sand

and the wind combs through my hair,


where the seagulls dip and squabble

and the pocket pools grow warm

and the starfish snuggle rocks

as the tide begins to turn,


where the sun lights through each wave

as it surrenders to the sea

and the sky steams into purple

and the night spits stars to me.


(c) 1992, 2012 Betty Hayes Albright

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