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Grief does not tip-toe

it comes

on lead feet

leaving deep prints

in the earth

to collect our tears

and send them over-flowing

to the stream

that joins all sorrow

winding to the sea.

And in the walk-about

where we are left to keen

wildflowers bloom around

the weeping willow tree.



©  2018  Betty Hayes Albright



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If these flowers

have a name

I don’t want to know.

Label not

my wild ones,

just let me watch them grow.


(c)  2015  Betty Hayes Albright


(photo taken yesterday)

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(a Mayberrie poem)


The light was getting low

as she hurried past the river

but wildflowers made her stop,

their colors painting up

the sloping banks.

She picked a dozen blossoms

to spread around her pillow

and in the dusk

their petals glowed

like the setting sun

as it fired up the trees.

And so she finally slept

that night,

sending him her dreams.


He camped downstream

a hundred days away

where the river roared

through deep-sculpted stone.

His men saluted, headed south

and he prepared to follow

but a flash of colors

made him pause –

wildflowers were tumbling

in the river’s froth

and as the dawning sun

was shining through the trees

a dozen blossoms splashed the banks

and landed at his feet.


© 2012, 2017  Betty Hayes Albright

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